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Bartender Jobs In United Kingdom With Visa Sponsorship

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The job market for bartenders in the United Kingdom is dynamic and competitive. It is a fast-paced environment where experienced and knowledgeable professionals are in demand. There is a wide range of opportunities available in the UK’s hospitality industry, from pubs and clubs to international hotel chains.

Due to the increasing demand for hospitality staff in the UK, there is a growing need for skilled bartenders. The UK’s hospitality industry is highly competitive, and employers are looking for experienced professionals who can provide excellent customer service and a high standard of drink service.

Recent reports suggest that the UK hospitality industry is booming, with a record level of job openings in the sector. According to the Institute of Hospitality, the hospitality industry employed over 4 million people in 2018, making it one of the largest employers in the UK.

In addition, the UK is a popular destination for international bartenders. Many employers in the hospitality sector offer visa sponsorships for experienced bartenders from overseas. There are also opportunities for sponsorship for those who are just starting their career in the industry.

Finding Bartender Job Opportunities with Visa Sponsorships

The first step to finding a UK visa sponsorship for a bartender job is to research the various types of visas available. Depending on your nationality, you may be eligible for a Tier 2 or Tier 5 visa.

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Tier 2 visas are specifically for skilled workers, so if you have experience and qualifications as a bartender, you may be eligible to apply.

Tier 5 visas are for temporary workers, and they are also a great option if you’re looking to work in the UK for a short amount of time.

Once you’ve determined the type of visa you need, the next step is to start searching for job postings. The best way to find job postings is to use online job boards.

These job boards have listings for jobs all over the UK, and many of the postings specify whether or not they offer visa sponsorships. You should also keep an eye out for postings on social media and in local newspapers.

Benefits of Working as a Bartender in the UK With a Visa Sponsorship

Working as a bartender in the UK with a visa sponsorship provides numerous benefits, including flexible working hours, a wide range of job roles, and the chance to travel and experience different cultures. Here are some of the main benefits of working as a bartender in the UK with a visa sponsorship:

  • Flexible Working Hours: As a bartender in the UK, you will enjoy flexible working hours. Depending on the establishment you are working in, you may have the ability to choose your hours or work part-time. This is ideal for those who have other interests or jobs that they need to attend to during the day.
  • Wide Range of Job Roles: Working as a bartender in the UK can open up a wide range of job roles and opportunities. You can choose to work in a particular establishment or specialize in certain types of drinks. You can also work as a bartender in various establishments, such as pubs, clubs, and restaurants.
  • Travel and Experience Different Cultures: Working as a bartender in the UK with a visa sponsorship also provides the opportunity to travel and experience different cultures. As a bartender, you can travel to other countries and work in establishments there, allowing you to experience different parts of the world.
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These are just some of the many benefits of working as a bartender in the UK with visa sponsorship. If you’re looking for a job in the UK, this is a great opportunity to gain a variety of experiences and have the chance to travel and explore different cultures.

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Types of Bartender Jobs Available Through Sponsors

Are you looking for a bartending job? If so, there are several types of bartender jobs available through sponsors. Here are some of the most popular types of bartending jobs you can find through sponsors:

  • Bar Back: Bar backs help the bartender with stocking, cleaning, and other tasks. This is a great job for someone who is still learning the ropes of bartending and wants to gain experience. A barback must be able to work quickly and efficiently while providing excellent customer service.
  • Mixologist: Mixologists specialize in creating unique and delicious cocktails and drinks. This job requires creativity and knowledge of different types of spirits and liqueurs. Mixologists must also be able to follow recipes and create new drinks by combining ingredients in different combinations.
  • Cocktail Server: Cocktail servers are responsible for delivering drinks to customers and helping the bartender mix drinks. They must be knowledgeable about different drinks and be able to answer questions customers may have.
  • Bar Manager: Bar managers are responsible for overseeing the entire operation of the bar. They must be able to manage staff, keep track of inventory, and ensure that the bar meets health and safety regulations.

Other Bartender Jobs Include:

  • Full-Time Bartender
  • Part-Time Bartender
  • Freelance Bartender
  • Head Bartender
  • Beverage Director
  • Cocktail Waiter/Waitress
  • Bar Tender/Server
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Bartending Instructor
  • Craft Beer Expert
  • Barista
  • Bar Consultant

No matter which type of job you’re looking for, there are plenty of opportunities for bartenders through sponsors. With the right skills and qualifications, you can find a job that fits your needs and experience level.

How to Find Sponsors for Bartender Jobs in the UK

Finding sponsors for bartender jobs in the UK can be a difficult task, but it’s not impossible. If you have the right connections and know how to go about it, you can be successful in your search. Here are a few tips to help you find sponsors for bartender jobs in the UK:

  • Start with your network: Reach out to friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances who may be connected to the hospitality industry in the UK. Ask them if they know anyone who could help you secure a sponsor.
  • Use online job search sites: Many sites, such as Indeed, Monster and Glassdoor, let you search for bartending jobs in the UK. You can filter your results to only show jobs that are sponsored.
  • Contact local businesses: Reach out to local bars and restaurants in the UK and ask if they are looking for sponsored bartenders. You can also ask if they know of any sponsors who are hiring.
  • Use social media: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are great ways to connect with potential sponsors. Use hashtags like #BartenderJobsUK and #SponsoredBartendingJobs to find relevant posts and send messages to people who might be able to help.
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Finding sponsors for bartender jobs in the UK can be a difficult task, but with the right strategies and persistence, you can be successful in your search. Use the tips above to help you in your search and you’ll be sure to find a sponsor in no time.

List of Bartender Jobs In UK With Visa Sponsorship

1. Bartender:

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Location: 362 Preston StreetOttawa, ON K1S 4M7
Salary: 17.00 hourly for 40 hours per week
Terms of employment: Permanent employment/Full time

  • Organize and set up bar
  • Clean bar area and wash glassware
  • Serve food or snacks
  • Clean draft beer system
  • Advise on wine selection
  • Supervise food and beverage servers and other staff
  • Inform customers regarding contents of cocktails or other drinks

Application: By email
[email protected]

2. Bar Back:

Location: 4208 Calgary Trail NWEa dmonton, AB T6J 6Y8
Salary: 15.00 hourly for 40 hours per week
Terms of employment: Permanent employment/ Full time


  • Organize and set up a bar
  • Advise on wine selection
  • Inform customers regarding the contents of cocktails or other drinks
    Collect cash, credit/debit cards or other payment for beverages
  • Store beverage and food products

Application: By email
[email protected]

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Visa Requirements for Bartenders in the UK

Are you a foreigner looking to find a job in the UK but worried about the visa requirements? If so, you’re in luck! The UK is actively seeking talented and skilled bartenders from around the world and offers several visa options to make the process easier.

Types of Visas Available

The UK offers several visa options for bartenders depending on their particular situation and plans in the country. The most common options are Tier 2 sponsorship, Tier 5 temporary work visas, and the Youth Mobility Scheme.

The Tier 2 visa

The Tier 2 visa is a points-based system and allows skilled workers from outside of Europe to work in the UK. To qualify for a Tier 2 sponsorship, they must have a valid job offer from a UK employer and a valid Certificate of Sponsorship.

The Tier 2 visa can also be used for self-employment, but you must prove that you have the right skills and expertise and that you have a genuine business plan.

The Tier 5 Temporary Work Visas

The Tier 5 Temporary Work visas (Youth Mobility Scheme) are designed for young people aged 18-30 from specified countries who want to work in the UK for up to two years. This visa does not require a job offer and you can work in any field, including bartending.

Eligibility Requirements

If you’re looking to become a bartender in the UK, it’s important to understand the eligibility requirements for visa sponsorships. As with any visa application, there are a few key criteria that must be met before you can be accepted. Here’s a breakdown of the eligibility requirements for bartenders in the UK with visa sponsorships:

  • You must be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must have a valid passport from your country of origin.
  • You must have a valid UK work visa.
  • You must have a valid certificate in bartending from a recognized institution.
  • You must have at least two years of experience in hospitality, bartending, or a related field.
  • You must demonstrate a high level of English language proficiency.
  • You must have a valid National Insurance Number.
  • You must pass a criminal background check.
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These are just some of the basic eligibility requirements for bartenders in the UK with visa sponsorships. As with any visa application, you should make sure to read all of the requirements carefully to ensure you meet all of the criteria before submitting your application. Good luck!

Applying for a Visa

  • Identify a potential visa sponsor. This could be a bar, restaurant, or another hospitality establishment that is willing to sponsor a bartender for a visa.
  • Research the visa requirements. Different types of visas (e.g. Tier 2, Tier 5, etc.) have different requirements for applicants and sponsors.
  • Contact the potential sponsor and provide them with the necessary information and documents to apply for the visa.
  • Once the sponsor has approved the visa application, they must apply for the UK Visas and Immigration Service.
  • The applicant will then receive an interview date and time, which they must attend to complete the visa application process.
  • Following the interview, the applicant will be notified if their visa has been approved.
  • The visa sponsor will then receive a letter confirming the visa approval.
  • Finally, the applicant must submit their passport to the UK Visas and Immigration Service to receive the visa.


If you are a bartender looking to work in the UK, several options are available. You must ensure that you meet all the requirements of the visa you are applying for and that you have the right skills and experience to do the job.

Overall, the job market for bartenders in the UK is an exciting and rewarding one, with plenty of opportunities for experienced professionals. With the right qualifications, experience and attitude, With the right visa sponsorship, you can open the door to a great career in the UK.

With a bit of research and determination, you can easily find a bartending job in the UK with visa sponsorship. Just remember to take your time, do your research, and be persistent in your job search. Good luck.

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