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Navajo Nation Scholarship

Navajo Nation Scholarship


Navajo Nation Scholarship
Level: Undergraduate and Graduate
Study in: USA
Deadlines: June 27, 2022 (Annual) and 2023 Spring/Winter Terms: November 25, 2022.

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Scholarship Description:

The Office of Navajo Nation Scholarship Financial Assistance manages the scholarship program for the Navajo Nation, also known as the Navajo Nation scholarship (ONNSFA). Students who meet the requirements can apply for participation in the program and be awarded financial assistance to assist them in pursuing their educational objectives.

Since its inception in 1972, the scholarship program has provided financial assistance to thousands of American Indian students so that they can pursue higher education. The ONNSFA makes several different scholarship opportunities available.

Students have the opportunity to receive financial assistance for postgraduate as well as undergraduate study, and this assistance might come in the form of merit- or need-based awards. The ONNSFA can operate because it gets financial support from a variety of sources, including the Higher Education Grant, corporate donations, trust funds, and funds provided by the Navajo Nation. Over 6,000 students received a total of 24 million Canadian dollars in scholarships from the ONNSFA in 2018.

About The Host Institution:

The Navajo Nation is a vast American Indian reservation that spreads throughout Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico. It’s the largest landmass reserved by indigenous people in the United States. Financial struggles are common in the Navajo Nation, so families find it increasingly difficult to send their young to college. According to the Post National Policy Institute, only about 17% of American Indian students continue their studies after high school.

Scholarship Benefits:

The ONNSFA gives money to students who qualify based on their need and their ability. Each type of award has different amounts, rules, and requirements.

  • Need-based awards of up to $2,500 per term
  • Students that have resources to cover the cost of attending college can receive awards of up to $1,000 per term.


  • American Indian students
  • Must maintain a good GPA (varies between scholarship programs)
  • Must complete courses on Navajo government and the Navajo language to be eligible for a scholarship. If students can’t access these classes in person, they can complete them online.
  • Four hours of community service each year
  • Two letters of recommendation
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Application Procedures:

To apply for any of the Navajo Nation Scholarship programs, students have to submit a series of required documents, such as:

  • The ONNSFA Application: Students can find the application online on the official ONNSFA website.
  • Official Transcripts: Students are required to mail in or hand-deliver their unopened transcripts to an official ONNSFA agency office.
  • Certificate of Indian Blood: If it’s a student’s first time applying for an ONNSFA scholarship, they need to submit a Certificate of Indian Blood to an official agency office. This is a one-time requirement as the ONNSFA will have your certificate in their system if you wish to apply for future scholarships.
  • Financial Need Analysis Form: Full-time students are required to submit a Financial Need Analysis form to their college, so the institution can complete the form and send it to the ONNSFA.
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA): Every student that wishes to apply for an ONNSFA scholarship must complete a FAFSA. You can find information on the FAFSA on your university’s website.
    Admissions Letter: Students need to provide an admissions letter from the institution they wish to attend. The college needs to be accredited by an organization recognized by the ONNSFA.
  • Class Schedule: Full-time and part-time students need to submit a class schedule to apply for a scholarship program.
  • Graduate Degree Checklist: Students need to submit a list of all the courses required to achieve the degree they’re after.

After submitting all of the required documents, candidates will be able to check the status of their application by creating a student account on the official ONNSFA website. Before August, students who are qualified must turn in all of the necessary materials for the subsequent fall and spring semesters.

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Students who are eligible and are looking for financial aid can undoubtedly benefit tremendously from earning the Quality First Navajo Nation Scholarship, which is offered annually. The scholarship enables hundreds of American Indian students to pursue higher education, which ultimately results in an improvement in the general standard of living across the reservation.

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It is important to keep in mind that to apply for the Navajo Nation scholarship and have a good chance of being awarded it, you will first need to ensure that you meet all of the standards that are necessary for doing so. Take the time to get letters of recommendation, work on raising your grade point average, and get involved in extracurricular activities. The brown and caldwell navajo nation scholarship is also available.

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