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10 Cheapest Universities in Turkey For International Students


Turkey should be your destination if you want to study abroad and are looking for a country with affordable university tuition. Aside from its low-cost universities, Turkey is noted for its low-cost and comparatively low-cost living conditions. The Turkish government intends to attract more than 50,000 international students and is largely responsible for the country’s major advances in attracting international students to its colleges.

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Turkey has about 200 universities that provide conventional and high-quality education. These institutions serve over 8 million local and international students and are consistently ranked among the world’s top 400 universities. Public universities in Turkey are less expensive than you may think. These universities are less expensive than those in Europe or the United States.

Turkey’s native currency is the Turkish lire, and 1 EUR is now worth roughly 9 Turkish lire (this is subject to change depending on the economy). Tuition expenses for international students in Turkey start as low as 4,000 euros per academic year. Professional professions, such as engineering or medicine, are more expensive.

Cheapest Universities in Turkey for International Students
Cheapest Universities in Turkey for International Students

Studying in Turkey without Scholarships for International students.

You can study at Turkey’s most affordable universities for international students. This is due to the low cost of tuition and living expenses such as accommodation, food, and transportation. The analysis of how you can study in Turkey without a scholarship will be completed.

As an international student, you may live well in Turkey on a monthly budget of 400-700 EUR. This is significantly more affordable than another study abroad destinations throughout the world. Your usual monthly expenses may increase or decrease depending on your lifestyle and spending habits.


International students in Turkey have a variety of accommodation alternatives while attending school. Some are less expensive, while others provide more comfort and convenience. Finally, you must select the solution that best meets your requirements.

Some colleges offer houses; the cost of a university hostel varies depending on the institution and the amenities provided. Public accommodation costs between 24-38 EUR per month, whereas private dorms have more amenities but also cost more. A basic apartment costs between 68 and 283 EUR per month, depending on location and size.


In Turkey, a monthly transportation pass (bus or metro) costs around 27. This is extremely affordable, and you will be able to visit the surrounding places and become acquainted with the city. A taxi is another alternative for transportation; a single journey may cost 2.85 euro for a 5 km trip, while a bus or metro ticket costs between 0.20-0.40 euro.

Other Expenses:

Your books and other study materials will cost around 80 EUR, and your monthly phone bill would be between 7.00 and 11.50 EUR. Monthly entertainment costs 10-15 euros, and private medical insurance costs 34-57 EUR per year.

List of the Most Affordable Universities in Turkey For International Students

All of the cheapest institutions in Turkey for international students listed here offer strong educational standards and are among Turkey’s best universities. The academic history, courses provided at various levels, and tuition fees each academic year are all included in the list of the cheapest universities in Turkey for international students.

1. Izmir University of Economics

On this list, the first cheapest school in Turkey for international students is  İzmir University of Economics (IUE). IUE was the first foundation university in the Aegean region to provide degree programs at the associate, undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels, having been formed in 2001 by the “zmir Chamber of Commerce Education and Health Foundation.”

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All degree programs at this university are authorized and have worldwide validity, so you can pursue master’s and doctoral degrees in any country of your choice after completing your undergraduate studies. Izmir University offers ample support to its students; you can receive first aid treatment on campus and counselling sessions from clinical psychologists at the Psychological Development and Counseling Center (PGDM).

The university also provides instruction through its “Smart Campus,” which promotes efficient learning, does not limit studying to class time, and provides students with virtual access to course materials. You can follow the course and connect to live classes via a digital setting with the smart campus.

You can review the topics at any time and from any location by watching the course videos. Science, Art Engineering, Communication, Law, Business, Health, Medicine, Fine Art, and Design are just a few of the faculties you can offer courses from. The tuition fees for international students at various levels are as follows:

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  • Bachelor Programs (4 years) – 8.000 USD per year.
  • Master Programs With Thesis – 7.500 USD complete program.
  • Master Programs Without Thesis – 7.500 USD complete program.
  • Faculty of Medicine (6 years) – 15.000 USD every year.
  • PhD Programs – 7.500 USD complete program.
  • English Preparatory Class for Bachelor Programs – 8.000 USD per year.
  • English Preparatory Class for Master Programs – 2.500 USD each semester.


2. Istanbul Okan University

Istanbul Okan University is Turkey’s second-cheapest university for international students. The Okan Culture, Education, and Sports Foundation founded this institution in 1999, and it began operations as one of Turkey’s youngest and most vibrant universities in 2003/2004.

After the first three years, the academic year at the university grew rapidly, and by the 2006-2007 academic year, they had relocated to a new modern campus in Akira. The university offers nearly 60 undergraduate, 41 master’s, and 13 PhD programs across its 10 faculties, 2 graduate schools, and 2 vocational schools. Istanbul Okan University prioritizes the “internationalization” of its student body, campuses, and programs.

Both local and international undergraduate and graduate students attend Istanbul Okan University, where they can pursue degrees in both English and Turkish. Education, Dentistry, Business and Administrative Sciences, Law, Engineering and Natural Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Health Sciences are among their faculties.
Istanbul Okan University also provides professional (short- and long-term) training, as well as vocational programs. As part of the university-industry relationship, they send students on internships with businesses. In addition, cooperative research is conducted to meet the training needs of those businesses.

3. Yasar University

The academic organization of the institution is made up of seven undergraduate faculties spanning from science and economics to communication and architecture. These faculties provide around 25 undergraduate degree courses. The postgraduate section of the institution is overseen by two different graduate schools, which also offer 22 Masters and Doctoral programs to students. The college also has a vocational college with nine associate degree programs. Because English is employed as the major medium of instruction, overseas students find it easier to enrol in classes.

Tuition can be paid in one or two instalments by bank transfer (The first payment will be made during your registration in the fall semester and the second payment will be at the beginning of the spring semester). Tuition covers Turkish support classes, graduate bench charges, 24-hour access to campus and IT resources, an academic advisor assigned to each student, and membership in the university library and sports facilities. Yasar University assesses its tuition fees regularly based on changes in exchange rates. The typical tuition fee is:

  • English Preparatory Class – 5.500 USD
  • Undergraduate programmes – 9.000/ 5.500 USD per year
  • Master degree programmes – 9.000 /6.250 USD for the complete programme
  • Doctorate programmes – 7.500 USD for the complete programme
  • Vocational Schools – 5.000 2.850USD per year
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4. Abdullah Gül University (AGU) 

Abdullah Gül University (AGU) of Turkey is a new, thriving university that is already considered one of the best in the country. It first accepted students in the fall of 2013 to produce graduates who can impact the future and are equipped with the best capabilities for today’s worldwide society.

AGU is Turkey’s first public university with a legal framework that allows for private foundation funding, which includes many well-known Turkish personalities and is entirely dedicated to the institution and its purposes. AGU places a high emphasis on collaborative teaching, interdisciplinary research, practical training, and industry relationships as a New Generation University. AGU is a research university that prioritizes finding solutions to global issues.

AGU offers students the chance to study in one of the following fields in a multicultural setting (there are 50 different nationalities on campus):

  • Bachelor programs (4 years) in Engineering: Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Architecture, Business Administration, Molecular Biology & Genetics, etc.
  • Master programs (2 years) in Engineering: Advanced Materials & Nanotechnology, Industrial Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Bioengineering. Architecture.
  • PhD programs (4 years) in Engineering: Industrial Engineering, Materials Science & Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Architecture


5. Bogazici University.

The next university on this list is Bogazici University, where the average tuition for an international student is USD 1,000. This is a significant research university that was founded in 1863 as American-owned Robert College before being taken over completely by Turkey.

The university is located in Istanbul and has over 20,000 students. Bogazici University offers 33 PhD programs, 35 undergraduate programs, and 67 graduate programs through its six faculties, six institutes, and two schools. There are also numerous student associations and organizations at the university.

At Bogazici University, English is the primary language of instruction. Their areas of competence include “arts and humanities,” “engineering and technology,” and “social sciences and management.” Turkish and international employers rank the university as one of the best in the world.

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6. Ege University

Ege University is Turkey’s next most cheap institution for international students. The university was founded in 1955, making it one of the country’s earliest modern universities. It was first established as a teaching facility for both medical and agricultural industries. It is also a well-known research institution.

The university’s courses and degree programs are delivered through several faculties. Medical, dental, pharmacy, agricultural, engineering, communication, and educational degrees are only a few examples.


7. Middle East Technical University-

Ankara, the Turkish capital, is home to the Middle East Technical University (METU), a public research university. Another organization that prioritizes teaching and research in the natural and technical sciences is the university. More than 30,000 students are enrolled there at the moment.

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The university was the first to offer internet service on campus. Through its 42 core departments and 5 faculties, the university grants degrees in a range of academic specialities. The fields of education, engineering, architecture, and the arts and sciences encompass all of them. Graduate departments, comprising the schools of applied mathematics and applied sciences, offer postgraduate master’s and doctorate degrees.


8. Kadir Has University

Kadir Has University is a public higher education institution located in the Istanbul municipality of Fatih. This affordable university in Turkey established in 1997, is a recent but significant addition to Turkey’s university system, and it has since grown into a major institution in the country.

The institution is dedicated to becoming a forerunner in Turkish education and culture, as well as a global hub for research and scientific growth. Art and Design, Communication, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Engineering and Natural Sciences, and Law are its five faculties.

The university offers students a research-focused academic education to create students who are endowed with fundamental humanitarian and universal values, equipped with the personal and professional skills required for the time, and capable of developing long-lasting solutions to the local, national, regional, and global problems that humanity will face.


9. Cankaya Univesity

Cankaya University is also one of Turkey’s most affordable universities for international students. It was formed to assist thousands of students in attending school and to improve the living conditions of teaching and administrative staff. The institution is committed to offering world-class education and training while also fostering worldwide research and development.

To provide English language teaching, Cankaya University has five faculties with a total of 23 departments, two institutes with a total of 28 master’s degree programs and ten doctorate programs, two vocational schools with a total of three programs, and one English language preparatory school.


10. KOC University

Koç University has established itself as a global centre of excellence in science and education since its inception. The university is uniquely placed to examine the links between medical, engineering, science, social sciences, and administrative sciences to undertake basic and practical research, attract the brightest students and faculty members, and develop its student body.


In Conclusion

There are various advantages for international students who choose to study in Turkey; despite the low tuition, Turkish colleges offer high-quality education. They have also implemented cutting-edge research approaches and educational strategies. Furthermore, they provide courses at all levels in both Turkish and English, allowing international students to choose their favourite study language.

In addition, the cost of living in Turkey is reasonable in comparison to other nations, with tuition, housing, food, transport, and other expenses all being affordable. Turkish universities invest in providing students with the skills needed to meet the demands of the business sector. Most of them assist students in securing internship opportunities before graduation to ensure that they are competent in performing employment tasks.

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