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Fully Funded British Council Scholarships Without IELTS – Ticket To Study For FREE in UK


Apply for the fully-funded Scholarships offered by British Council without the IELTS requirement for the next academic session. British Council has announced various generous scholarships without IELTS for the local and international students.

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The applications for these British scholarship programs are currently open. Students from all over the world are warmly welcome to apply for suitable scholarships and country-specific fully-funded/partially funded scholarships. Do check the required eligibility criteria and submit the scholarship application within the due date.

British Council Scholarships Academic Funding Plan:
The winners of the above-stated scholarships will be entitled to either all or a few awards. For instance;

  • Academic Tuition fee waivers in Britain
  • Monthly stipends paid by British Universities
  • Residence coverage and utility expense fund or
  • Accommodation place free of cost at the university campus
  • Health & Medical insurance
  • Free Access to Library
  • Book and Study material cost
  • Cost for Research and Thesis printing, etc.
  • Traveling funds, provided by the affiliated universities
  • Meal Cost covered

Scholarships Offered by British Council Without IELTS:

No wonder IELTS is quite an expensive language assessment to prove language proficiency, secure admission, and win scholarships. And passing this test is not so easy for many students. Hence, the British Council has announced many scholarships without IELTS as well. So, why pay such extra amounts when one can opt for these valuable scholarships without worrying about IELTS.

Undoubtedly, pursuing higher education in one of the prestigious universities of the UK, especially under a scholarship, is a dream of so many people. Thanks to the British Council, making this dream possible for so many deserving candidates by offering scholarships for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral studies without IELTS test scores. The British council, jointly with the renowned Britain Universities, is giving these scholarships.

Ways To Secure Admission in the UK Without IELTS:

Generally, it seems quite impractical to study without IELTS in a country where English is the most common medium of instruction. But, yes, it is possible now. Candidates without IELTS scores are eligible for admission and scholarships offered by the Britain Universities, funded by the British council.

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Following are the ways via which a student can apply for the scholarships offered by the British council, even without IELTS:

  1. Candidates must have completed their previous education at an English medium institute.
  2. The candidate must be proficient and fluent in the English language.
  3. The candidate must submit the language Proficiency certificate from ex-school.
  4. By submitting the IELTS alternative exams test scores, like DET, TOEFL, CAEL, CanTEST, PTE, etc.

Now is the time to jump over the list of scholarships offered by the most honorable British Council with no IELTS test scores requirement. So, keep reading to know all the unknowns.

UK Scholarships by British Council Without IELTS:

Following is the list of all Britain scholarships announced by the British Council for diverse degree programs in cooperation with the British universities. All these scholarships are either fully/or partially funded with dozens of financial coverages and IELTS exemptions.

  1. Commonwealth Scholarships UK
  2. UK Chevening Scholarships
  3. Rhodes Scholarships
  4. Bristol University Think Big Scholarships
  5. Edinburgh University Scholarships
  6. Gates Cambridge Scholarships
  7. University Of East Anglia Scholarships
  8. Imperial College London Scholarships
  9. Global Leaders Scholarships
  10. University Of Bradford Global Development Scholarships

Detailed Review of British Council Scholarships:
Lets dig in together for the details of all the scholarships associated with British Council here:

1# Commonwealth Scholarships UK:

That fully-funded Britain scholarship is available for the students who belong to the low and poor commonwealth countries. Commonwealth scholarship enables needy students to pursue their graduate and postgraduate studies in one of the reputable universities of Britain. This commonwealth scholarship is open to all academic fields and covers airfare, education, & other essential expenses.

While submitting the scholarship application, candidates must submit the required documents in the mentioned format. To abide by the eligibility criteria, the applied aspirants must be permanent nationals of a commonwealth country and begin their degree program by September.

2# UK Chevening Scholarships:

It is the most popular scholarship program of the British Council, awarded to approximately 1500 students from a minimum of 100 best universities in the UK. Chevening is a co-funded scholarship of FCO and other organizations, available for the Master’s degree. Interested applicants can submit their IELTS alternative scores or language proficiency certificates to fulfill language requirements.

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To meet Eligibility Criteria;
Candidates must show work experience and return to their country for at least two years. Also, the candidates must hold a bachelor’s degree to comply with the mentioned requirements. On the other hand, a separate application for the degree program and scholarship is needed to complete the application process.

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3# UK Rhodes Scholarships:

Rhodes is a global scholarship program that allows candidates from every corner of the world to study and pursue Masters’s and Ph.D. degrees. Every year around 100 scholarships get awarded to the students. The duration of this scholarship is two years. However, Rhodes Scholarship covers monthly living and housing allowances with the airfares.

4# Bristol University Think Big Scholarships:

Think Big British scholarship has been introduced by the University of Bristol for undergrads and postgrads. Students can apply for this outstanding scholarship program without submitting IELTS test scores. Meanwhile, winners will be entitled to receive £5,000 / £10,000 scholarship grants.

Some of the scholarships offered by this Bristol university are; Future Leader Scholarships, Global Economics Scholarships, Beacon Scholarships, etc. The admission application fees of Bristol University is £60, and the acceptance rate is 68%, which makes it less competitive.

5# Edinburgh University Scholarships:

One of the prominent universities in the UK has announced this online degree scholarship, funded by the University of Edinburgh. The University of Edinburgh scholarship is open for all the nationals currently enrolled in the Master’s degree. So, avail of this wonderful chance and take a step ahead for a bright future.

Other notable scholarships of Edinburg university include; Edinburgh Global Undergraduate Mathematics Scholarships, Robertsons International Scholarships, Merit-Based Scholarships, etc. The Acceptance Rate of Edinburgh University is 46%. Whereas, there is no admission application fee at Edinburg University.

6# Gates Cambridge Scholarships:

This Gates international scholarship program offered by Cambridge is available for students living outside the UK who want to pursue a postgrad degree in Britain. Students can complete their degree program at the University of Cambridge under this scholarship. Gates Cambridge Scholarship covers almost all the expenses that occur during the educational journey.

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7# University Of East Anglia Scholarship

University of East Anglia Scholarship is a full-tuition scholarship for international students. It is offered for master’s studies based on academic excellence and personal statement. The university scholarship offers 4000 euros to the recipients. All applicants are expected to have met the School’s English language requirements and been offered and accepted a place on the course by this date. Successful applicants will be contacted by the admissions department.

8# Imperial College London Ph.D

Imperial College London Ph.D. A scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship for international students. Up to 10 fully-funded scholarships are awarded each year. This scholarship covers both tuition fees and an annual tax-free contribution to maintenance costs of £16,553.

9# Global Leaders Scholarship

Global Leaders Scholarship is offered by University of Bath for international students. This scholarship is available for masters studies only. There are 45 Global Leaders Scholarships worth £5,000 each, to be used as fee waivers towards the cost of tuition fees.

10# University of Bradford Global Development Scholarships

The University of Bradford Global Development Scholarships is intended to aid international students in financial hardship due to the fact that they are domiciled in a country that is in crisis as a result of the political situation, war, natural disaster, etc. The scholarship is available for students enrolled or intending to enroll in a full-time Master’s (not MBA) based at the University of Bradford. Each scholarship is worth approximately £25,000 which includes full tuition fees, accommodation, and living costs.

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