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Be Bold Scholarship No Essay Scholarship For International Students

Be Bold Scholarship: No Essay Scholarship For International Students


Be Bold  Scholarship
Deadline: Oct 1, 2022
Scholarship Value: $25,000

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Scholarship Description:

The Scholarship is an annual award provided by Applicants are not required to submit an essay. Each year, a single winner is selected, and the funds are sent directly to the office of financial aid at the college attended by the winner. This particular award is presented to the candidate who is considered to be the “boldest.”

The scholarship panels at examine each applicant’s profile to choose the recipient who best exemplifies the qualities of being bold. Additionally, applicants who submit their materials during the earlier application windows are given preference; therefore, submitting your materials as quickly as possible gives you a better chance of winning.

BOLD specifically seeks out and supports students who are underrepresented in engineering universities across the country, including women, underrepresented minorities, first-generation college students, and students from low-income families. But any engineering student who cares about issues of diversity and inclusion and wishes to support the goal of the BOLD Center is eligible for a BOLD Scholarship.

All BOLD Scholarships are Participation Scholarships, which means that to be awarded, winners must accept and follow the participation conditions. Each scholarship opportunity includes a detailed description of the participation requirements.

Scholarship Benefits:

The Be Bold Scholarship with No Essay is worth $25,000. It is given out every year, and the money goes straight to the school of the winner.


Every single student, regardless of their educational status! Students from any school, at any level of education, majoring in any subject, and with any grade point, or average can apply for the Boeing bold scholarship which Requires No Essay. This means that students in high school, undergraduates, graduate students, and even candidates for doctoral degrees are all eligible.

Application Process For The Be Bold No Essay Scholarship:

The application process for the be bold no-essay scholarship is not the same as other scholarships. You are not required to write an essay, but you do need to make sure that your profile on the website stands out from the crowd. The application is simple to complete if you are a person who is self-motivated and determined, and if you can convey these aspects of yourself effectively in an online profile. Create an account on and follow the instructions.

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Apply Here:

FAQs On 25k Be Bold Scholarship:

Who has won a scholarship?

Several international students have won the scholarship. There is a list of scholarship winners on the official website. The applicant with the most daring profile will receive the $25,000 “Be Bold” Scholarship, which does not require an essay.

Is the scholarship legit?

Yes, the scholarship is legit. There are other scholarships you can apply for on the website.

Does the scholarship have terms and conditions? 

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Yes. The terms and conditions are on the website

If I win a scholarship, how will I receive my money?

Winners will have award checks made out to both them and their school (if necessary) and sent directly to the financial aid office at their current or planned school of study to be used toward tuition. We will work with the recipient directly to ensure that any award money is used only for approved educational expenses other than tuition.

Why Should I apply for this scholarship?

As soon as you sign up for the platform, you’ll be able to use your student profile to present scholarship committees with an opportunity to learn more about your aspirations, accomplishments, and motivation.

How Competitive Is This Scholarship?

Because this scholarship is open to students of all disciplines, there is a large number of potential recipients. There are likely to be a lot of other people applying for the same scholarship as you. However, it’s not as difficult to win as some other scholarships because you don’t need to have a certain GPA or be at the top of your class. Keep in mind that submitting your application as soon as possible will increase your chances of being selected.

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